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Occupational Health and Safety Services

Our services include:

Training courses, developed and delivered for your Leeds

Providing services relating to safety and health under the Permanent Safety and Health Consulting Agreement

Current workplace control

Undertaking a programme to ensure you are achieving legal compliance and preparing the documentation required by the law

Assessing the state of occupational health and safety of facilities and assisting in the anticipation and recognition of a variety of hazards in the workplace

Conducting the post-accident investigation and recording events

Drawing up the OHS procedures and manuals

Establishing and operating the employee records in the realm of OHS ( post – accident investigation, safety data sheet, record of workplace safety training and medical examinations, etc.)

A baseline study of OHS conditions

Consulting and managing the implementing and compliance of provisions and decisions recognised by control authorities ( PIP – The National Labour Inspectorate, PIS – the National Health Inspectorate)

Other activities fall within the scope of responsibilities for OHS Services in the workplace

We also provide trainings in English

All the firms from Bydgoszcz, Świecie, Toruń and Grudziądz are warmly invited to co-operate with us.